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Slovenia EARS

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Logo EARS 

Full Name of Organisation: Agencija Republike Slovenije za okolje
Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia – EARS

Legal Status: Government Agency

Address: Vojkova 1b, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Contact Person: Gregor Gregorič (for DMCSEE project)


Brief description of the organization

The Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia is a body of the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning. Its mission is to monitor, analyse and forecast natural phenomena and processes in the environment, and to reduce natural threats to people and property. EARS was established in 2001; at that time, Hydrometeorological institute and Seismology institute were included (among others) into new organization. The following tasks are performed by the national services for meteorology, hydrology and seismology:
preserving natural resources, biodiversity and sustainable development;

  • observing, analysing and forecasting natural phenomena and processes in the environment;
  • reducing impact of natural hazards;
  • ensuring legal protection and professional assistance to participants in environmental encroachment procedures;
  • uiding change of national and personal values system in relation to the environment as well as influencing the value criteria for environmental encroachments;
  • ensuring high-quality environmental data for all target groups;
  • raising the awareness of people and institutions about the environment and environmental issues.

Role in the DMCSEE Project

EARS is DMCSEE project’s lead partner and is consequently leading Wp1 (project management). Beside WP1 EARS is leading WP6 (start-up of the permanent DMCSEE) and is responsible for activities within other WPs:  in WP2, EARS is responsible for development of the GIS web-based application for drought products. In WP3 EARS will coordinate preparation of SPI drought index, in WP 5 EARS will organize training workshops and coordinate organization of seminars and will assist AUA and OMSZ for activities within WP3 and WP4.  EASR has some experience in drought monitoring from COST projects (COST 718 - and COST 734 - ). EARS has also organized workshops such as Roving Seminar on Crop-Yield Weather Modelling (coorganization with WMO, 1999, Ljubljana, Slovenia).