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Full Name of the Organisation:Directorate for Environmental Protection and Water Management of Lower Tisza District

Legal Status:Regional public authority

Address: Stefánia 4. H-6720, Szeged

Contact  Person: Péter, Dr. Kozák



Brief description of the organization:

The Directorate owns the necessary financial and human resources to provide an effective contribution to the project. As a governmental non profit institute our directorate possess suffice budget managed by the departmental ministry.


Role in the DMCSEE Project:

 The Directorate for Environmental Protection and Water Management of Lower Tisza District plays a key role in the continuous monitoring and forecasting process in Hungary. The Directorate calculates the monthly values of the Palfai Drought index cooperation with the VITUKI, and produce the Water Balance Report on the whole area of the country. The experts of the Directorate collect the input data of Water Balance Index and analyse the expected status of the water balances.

The ATIKÖVIZIG will contribute to the project content by collecting the relevant data’s of the humidity and the aridity, calculation and evaluation of PDSI, Palfai and other drought related indices (including the application of remote sensing data). Our directorate will benefit from it by getting free access to the whole study constructed as the main outcome of the project.

Our directorate is responsible for the implementation of act 3.2 of the 3. Work Package (Climatological monitoring and mapping system).