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Full Name of Organisation: Agricultural University of Athens

Legal Status: Governed by Public Law

Address: Iera Odos 75, 11855, Athens, Greece

Contact Person: Christos A. Karavitis, Lecturer


Brief description of the organization:

The Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) is the third oldest University of Greece. For over eighty years now, it has been serving agricultural sciences producing high quality graduates as well as scientific knowledge through basic and applied research. The AUA has more than 200 teaching and research staff, approximately 2000 students plus all the necessary administrative and technical personnel.

The Department of Natural Resources Development and Agricultural Engineering has three sectors and it is dealing with the management and development of natural resources and the technological applications in agriculture.

The participating in the proposal Sectors of: (a) Water Resources Management (Lab. of Agricultural Hydraulics) has a long tradition of an over 50 years experience in successful research and international cooperation in Europe, U.S.A. and around the world. Its research activities include: water resources management, soil physics, surface and groundwater hydrology, water treatment and reuse, erosion, desertification, flood and drought management, water quality protection especially in islands and coastal aquifers, desalination, etc. (b) Soils and Agricultural Chemistry (Lab. of Pedology) has a long and wide experience in natural resources management and land protection from degradation and desertification.

Participation in projects:

  • Project Work Block Leader: ‘Desertification mitigation and remediation of land’ (EC funded; 2007-today)
  • Project Grant Holder: ‘Lowland Agricultural water management (LOLaqua)’ (EC funded; 2006-today)

As project partner:

  • ‘Sustainable use of water resources and rural development in drought affected area' (INTERREG III B ARCHIMED; 2007-today)
  • ‘Combating Desertification In Mediterranean Europe: Linking Science With Stakeholders (DESERTLINKS)’ (EU funded; 2002-2005)
  • ‘Developing Strategies for Regulating and Managing Water Resources and Demand in Water Deficient Regions’ (EU funded; 2001-2004)
  • ‘Pan European Soil Erosion Risk Assessment (PESERA)’ (EU funded; 1999-2003)
  • ‘Mediterranean Desertification and Land Use’ (EU funded; 96-98)
  • ‘Water Resources Sustainability and Environmental Engineering' (Natural Science Foundation USA funded; 1994)
  • 'Drought Control and Water Management in Humid Regions' (Natural Science Foundation USA funded; 87-91)

Role in the DMCSEE Project:

Agricultural University of Athens has extensive experience in conducting research in drought management, drought preparation and planning as well as in development of drought indices (i.e. SPI, PALMER, Water poverty Index etc.). Their knowledge will be used in WP 3, especially for the implementation of SPI drought index. AUA is a leading developer of the Drought Management Master Plan of Greece in collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Environment and Public Works. Part of this drought management plan is accurate risk assessment, which makes it the best possible reference organization for leading WP 4.  Additionally it takes part also in Extreme Hydrological Events Risk Assessment on a regional, national and European scale and is participating in numerous drought management projects in USA, coordinated by the National Drought Mitigation Centre.

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