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Full Name of Organisation: Slovenian institute of hop research and brewing

Legal Status: Public institution with a research group

Address: Cesta Žalskega tabora 2

Contact Person: Dr. Martin Pavlovic,  Bostjan Naglic, B.Sc.


Brief description of the organization

The Slovenian Institute for Hop Research and Brewing (Institut za hmeljarstvo in pivovarstvo Slovenije) in Zalec, Slovenia is a research, developmental, advisory and educational public organization. It is acting for the needs of various governmental bodies as well as for the needs of home and foreign agribusiness industry. Its principal functions are research and recommendations in the fields of industrial plants growing i.e. hop breeding, agricultural technology, plant physiology, nutrition, hop marketing, protection of hops against diseases and pests and the related prognosis and signs of diseases and pests, as well as the application of chemical solutions used for the protection of plants, rural development, and ICT information management in agribusiness. Moreover, the research fields are complemented by national and EU research and development (R&D) projects aiming at agriculture, food industry, environmental issues, as well as the development and preservation of the countryside.

The Institute consists of various organisation units – departments. The main research stuff (8 PhD, 5 MSc, 12 BSc in Agronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Food technology and Economics) of the institute is organized within the “Research group for Soil, plants and environment«. Furthermore the institute has its well equipped and EU accredited laboratories for analysis in fields of agro-chemistry and virus-free plant tests. It is experienced in EU projects (FP6, EUREKA, INTERREG 4C) and active within the International Hop Growers’ Convention network of relevant hop industry institutions in EU, SEE and overseas.

Role in the DMCSEE Project

The IHPS plays an important role in a local agricultural production as a reference institution for land management and irrigation. With its staff expertise in project topics such as experiences and studies on impacts of agro-techniques (soil cultivation, plants nutrition, irrigation) on plant growing – focused in a hop industry, the IHPS will act as a proactive partner in the DMCSEE consortium. The staff knowledge will therefore be useful for a successful implementation of risk assessment activities as one of the main WP4 results.

Good knowledge of local situation and farmers needs makes IHPS an important partner in activities connected to vulnerability assessment foreseen in the scope of WP 4 as well. IHPS hop industry R&D is centred on breeding, cultivation technology, physiology, nutrition and global market, protection against diseases and pests as well as related weather prognosis.

Partner IHPS has been involved in advisory service activities for decades. It will organize a DMCSEE workshop during the last year of project duration - related to partners’ exchange of a good practice in drought estimation and related practical measures linked to irrigation of agricultural plants. Its own expertise in a field of a hop industry would be a useful case study contribution in area of GAP – good agricultural practice and project results dissemination. Vi rekommenderar webbdesign i Stockholm för bästa priser