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Logo INEUM  Full Name of Organisation: Institute for Energy water and Environment (INEUM)

Legal Status: Public Body

Address: Durresi Street, 219

Contact Person: Liri Muçaj

Brief description of the organization

INEUM is created by the joint of former Hydrometeorological Institute and Hydraulic Studies Centre (January 2008).

The Hydrometeorological Institute in Albania is established since the year 1962, which is the continuance of a Directorate of Hydrometeorological Service established since 1949.

Main activities:  Meteorology - Hydrology – Environment


  • monitoring of hydrometeorological elements,  air and water quality and levels;
  • assessment of climatic and water resources;
  • providing the governmental and public administration, the weather sensitive   branches of economy

Project-idea for Developing of  an integrated environmental monitoring system

  • collect in real time the hydrometeorological and environmental information;
  • improve the quality of prediction and warning of extreme events;
  • improve and strengthen the existing capacities to proper standards to get information about  environmental quality monitoring and inspection;
  • Establishment of hydrometeorological and environmental databank, linkage of historical and operational archives;
  • strengthen  the HMI operating activities  as a reliable counterpart for the Balkan region relating to environmental issues;

INEUM it carries out activities of research, promotion and technology transfer, monitoring of hydrometeorological elements, air and water quality, studies on meteorology, climatology, and hydrology. Represent Albania with WMO and other international organizations. From 1995 to 2007, IEWE participated in 34 international projects (Phare, Peco, UNDP, Nato for Peace, Bilateral, etc.); 22 National Projects.

Nowadays the staff includes 35 staff members.

The Institute has a good international relationship in the frame of cross-border partnership: transport of air pollutants over Balkan, lake Ohrid conservation, Hydrological cycle, precipitation intensity, early warning of floods, drought management etc. Some of international projects where INEUM is involved: EQUATE, MED-HYCOS, SECAP, MAMA, DMCSEE

Role in the DMCSEE Project: 10% partner, EARS is the sponsor partner for INEUM

The duties of INEUM are to work in WP3 (Climatology and Monitoring Profile) and WP4 (drought Risk Assessment);

INEUM performs duties of National Meteorological and Hydrological Service in Albania. It is a national authority in Albania in the field of meteorology and drought. It is in charge of drought impact reporting and has obtained considerable practice due to occurrence of prolonged droughts in Albania especially during the last two decades. INEUM has studied great difficulties that caused problems in energy production, as Albania is highly dependant on hydropower production (around 95%).