The project Drought Management Centre for South East Europe (DMCSEE) is co-financed by European Union through South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme.

DMCSEE will coordinate development and application of drought risk management tools and policies with the goal of improving preparedness and reducing drought impacts. It will introduce and continue to provide now missing regional information on drought situation. Since definitions and thresholds for drought differ on country/region levels today, the partnership will agree upon an integrated approach combining outputs of meteorological services and information from agricultural institutions. Using common methodology in drought analysis and impact assessment the project will obtain regionally comparable results enabling better overview of drought situation for sectors economically dependant on water availability, such as agriculture, energy and tourism. Quality assessments of drought occurrence risk and possible drought impacts provided by DMCSEE and disseminated to decisions makers and general public will allow effective and timely decisions to reduce drought related damages.

Project will achieve this aim through several specific objectives:

  • To prepare regional drought monitoring, analysis and early warning products and make them available on a near real-time basis to relevant users in participating countries and broader SEE region.
  • To assess regional vulnerability (mainly in agriculture) to drought impacts
  • To promote and strengthen the capacity for drought preparedness, monitoring and management in participating countries through organisation of training events and national seminars
  • To set-up Drought Management Centre for South East Europe to serve as an operational centre for SEE for drought preparedness, monitoring and management and to coordinate and integrate drought related services of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NHMSs) and other relevant institutions in participating countries and broader SEE region.
  • To facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experience and best practice on drought issues through the established SEE network in order to enhance synergy effects.
  • To enhance the implementation of the EU policies in the context of drought preparedness, monitoring and management, in particular in working out national drought strategies.
  • To raise awareness of decision makers, relevant stakeholders and end users about the importance of effective drought preparedness, monitoring and management in the SEE region.

The duration of DMCSEE Project is 36 months from April 2009 until March o 2012.

The partnership of the project is consisted of 9 ERDF Partners, 5 IPA Partners & one 10% partner